Welcome! If you are a first-time guest and would like to speed up the check-in process on Sunday by registering your child(ren) ahead of time, please use the form below. All children, infant through 4th grade, need to be registered.

Pre-registration is not required…we can register you when you arrive, too…but pre-registration is very helpful in speeding up the check-in process.

A few things to note:

  • Be sure to check-in your baby/child at the Children’s Welcome Station in the foyer when you arrive at Immanuel.
  • {Click here} to see the classes and ministries available for your children.


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Cell Phone* (your cell will be used to page you if we should need to contact you while your child is in class/nursery)

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Please fill out a separate form for each child you are registering. Thank you!